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[타기관 홍보] 제 19회 ICoME 학술대회 홍보
작성자 관리자 등록일 2021-03-11 14:53:45 조회수 259
 안녕하세요19 International Conference for Media in Education (ICoME) 2021에 대한 안내입니다.

이번 ICoME은 한국교육정보미디어학회에서 주관하여 진행됩니다오는 8 18-20일 사이에 온라인으로 개최됩니다이번 학술대회의 주제는 “디지털전환과 AI시대의 학습재설계입니다온라인 학술대회 개최를 위하여 다음과 같은 초록투고 일정(English)이 진행되오니 많은 관심을 바랍니다참여부담을 줄이기 위해서 최소요건으로 초록투고를 진행하고 있습니다논문발표 초록투고에 많은 관심을 요청 드립니다.



정유선 올림

Ph.D. student, Department of Education

College of Education, Chonnam National University Gwangju, South Korea

Office: +82-62-530-2356

Mobile: +82-10-8776-8234







Aug 18-20, 2021 (Virtual conference)


Redesigning Learning in the Digital Transformation and AI



International Conference for Media in Education (ICoME) provides opportunities to research colleges to discuss and exchange multiple perspectives on various topics in using media for education. We invite you to participate in ICoME 2021, the 19th joint conference supported by the four prominent academic societies specialized in Media use in Education: Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM), China Association for Educational Technology (CAET), Japan Association for Educational Media Study (JAEMS), and Teaching, Colleges and Community (TCC). This year's theme is "Redesigning Learning in the Digital Transformation and AI." We are going to explore how we need to redesign our learning. We will gather collaborative ideas and research topics to facilitate learning by redesigning the conference's learning experience. Our primary mission is to apply the technologies to add pedagogical value. ICoME 2021 will bring you new perspectives to implement the latest technologies for learning and training.


Important dates

  • Call for Proposal Submissions for Concurrent Presentation         March 15, 2021
    • Note: The submitted title can be changed later – We strongly recommend you submit a proposal for the first call.
  • Call for Proposal Submissions for Roundtable                           April 19, 2021
  • Second Call for Concurrent Presentation and Roundtable          To be announced
  • Call for Media Showcase                                                         June 30, 2021
  • Proceeding File Due                                                                June 30, 2021
  • Conference Date                                                                      August 18-21, 2021


Conference topics

  • Emerging technologies for learning and teaching
  • Innovations in educational reform and policy
  • Advancing teacher education and educational training
  • Online and distance learning for all
  • Social network and digital communities
  • Design theories and principles for educational media
  • Others

Submission link (google form)


Presentation categories

  • Concurrent Presentation: 25~30 minutes
    • Proposal length: at least 100 words
    • It requires 4~8-pages length for a full paper presentation. Some presentations may be considered to be published in the International Journal for Educational Media and Technology.
  • Roundtable: 50-minute session (Young scholar award will be given)
    • Proposal length: at least 50 words
    • It requires 2-pages length for a full paper presentation. Each session includes multiples presenters with audience. Professionals and students are encouraged to participate for dynamic discussion. Applicants of this presentation should submit a one-page submission form.
  • Media showcase (Media developer award will be given)
    • Proposal length: at least 50 words
    • Students can participate with their own media application. Team work is also recommended, but one person can apply for only one team. Applicants of media festival should submit a proposal application form. No paper submission is required.


Question for submission:


Chair of Organizing Committee:           Dr. Jeeheon Ryu (

Chonnam National University, South Korea


첨부파일1 ICoME_CFP.pdf  (1.8Mbyte) Down : 40
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